Hi, and thank you for visiting. My name is Chris Godfrey, and my passion is wildlife photography. I've been fascinated by big cats in particular since 2008, when a little Amur leopard called Kiska bewitched me at Marwell Wildlife in southern England. Amur leopards are still on the brink of extinction and need our help. Likewise the majestic Amur tiger, also known as Siberian tiger.

On this website you'll find a selection of my images of these beautiful Amur cats, as well as snow leopards and other stunning felines. The almost mythical snow leopard is so elusive that no one really knows how many there are. But once you have gazed into the eyes of this enigmatic cat, you'll grasp the importance of conservation efforts to protect them. Visit the Snow Leopard Trust to find out more.


If you see a picture you like, it's simple to order prints or wall canvases using PayPal. Prices are in British pounds and there's a no-quibble refund guarantee. Prints and canvases will be professionally produced and despatched directly to you.

A selection of my images is also available as fine art prints at Saatchi Art. You will also find my photographs at Alamy.

Chris Godfrey Wildlife Photography is on Facebook - the link at the bottom of this page will take you there - and on Instagram. If you'd like to order a print of one of my pictures on Facebook but can't find it here on the website, please enquire by email.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.


Above: At Tallinn Zoo, meeting a playful two-month-old Eurasian lynx cub and 16-month-old snow leopard Orlando. Pictures © SIGNE KALGAN


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A wall canvas makes a stunning feature in your home. There are a number to choose from – including leopard cub Kanika, whose Facebook 'diary' is read around the world. Professionally produced glossy A4 or matt A3 prints. If you’d like a print of an image you’ve seen on Facebook but can’t find it here, please enquire by email. Durable fabric mouse mats featuring Amur tigers Bagai and Uri, Amur leopards Kaia and Kanika, puma Jessie and snow leopard cub Naryn – a great way to brighten up your workspace!

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